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How to Automatically Resize Multiple Videos for Instagram (Templates Included)

Instagram has grown from a simple app for adding filters to images to a full-blown platform for photo and video-sharing. From regular posts to Instagram stories and IGTV, there’s a range of potential avenues to share your videos and represent your brand. However, this also means there are different formats you’ll have to accommodate. Trying to remember which format works best for which Instagram post can be tedious, especially if you have a backlog of videos you want to batch resize on a regular basis. But no worries, we’ll cover how you can speed up the process and even automate it with Mad Distro.

We’ve already made some templates that you can simply import and fine tune for your use case. You can find many more templates here.

Read on for more info on how to use the templates

Step 1. Import Template:

When you click on the ‘Import Template’ button. You should be directed to a page like this.

Click ‘Import’ and the process should begin. This might take a few seconds or a minute to complete if there are many steps involved. When complete, the page should navigate to the editor.

Step 2: Using the Editor.

The editor allows you to make changes to a template. The blocks at the top such as ‘When a File is Uploaded’ represent steps in the workflow. This template resizes uploaded files and sends an email when complete.

Step 3: Adjusting the Settings.

Clicking on a step block reveals a list of settings you can edit. For this template (or Distro), the core of the processing happens in the ‘Resize Video’ Step, so you can go ahead and click that.

I selected the Instagram Story template, but the logic applies to all of them. The aspect ratio for Instagram stories is 9:16, so the template’s 1080 x 1920 pixels for the width and height parameter is fine. The ‘Which Input Should We Process’ question refers to the step that provides videos that will be resized. For this use case, we only want to use the uploaded files, so we can leave it as is.

The only required parameter you might consider changing is the ‘Fit Mode’ question. By default, the ‘fill crop’ option in the template crops the video to fit into the 9:16 aspect ratio. If you want to change this, for instance, by fitting a whole rectangular video without cropping while maintaining the 9:16 aspect ration, then you might want to go with the ‘Pad’ option instead. This adds padding around the video to cushion it within the frame.

With the ‘Fill Crop’ Setting…
With the ‘Pad Setting’…

Which leads us to the last two questions…

These two are optional but might be important to you depending on your required output settings. The video presets refer to the export settings such as resolution, codecs, and containers. You won’t need to bother with the background color setting if you decide to stick with the ‘Fill Crop’ option in the Fit Mode setting since it fills up the entire frame.

Now you can hit save if you made any changes.

Step 4: Running the Distro.

To start processing files, activate the Distro with the toggle. You’ll see an alert, after which, you can hit the play button.

Upload your files (you can upload more than one). Hit ‘Run’ and you’re ready to go. You’ll be provided with a link to view the results.

That’s it. No need to tinker with the settings for each video you want to process. Now all you need to do from now on is hit the ‘Play’ button whenever you want to resize new files.

However, if you want to automate this workflow further, one way would be to introduce watch folders. These allow you to simply drop the videos into a specific folder on your device and have them be automatically resized without visiting the app. Here’s how…


That’s everything! Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, comment below or reach to us by email. Feel free to suggest any ways you think we can automate your video workflows further, we love to hear feedback about the platform.

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