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Every new account receives free data credit to test with before subscribing to a plan. Prices are in USD ($)

  • $ 39 monthly
    • Standard
      • 5GB Data Transfer
      • 10 Active Distros
      • 500MB upload limit per file
      • Process 15 files at once
      • 4 Maximum Distro Steps
      • $5 per extra GB
  • $ 99 monthly
    • Pro
      • 15GB Data Transfer
      • 50 Active Distros
      • 3GB upload limit per file
      • Process 30 files at once
      • Unlimited Distro Steps
      • $4 per extra GB
  • $ 299 monthly
    • Premium
      • 75GB Data Transfer
      • 125 Active Distros
      • 5GB upload limit per file
      • Process 50 files at once
      • Unlimited Distro Steps
      • $3 per extra GB

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Distro

You can think of a Distro as a set of instructions for how your videos and files should be processed. Distros are made of step blocks, each performing a specific function. Steps can be connected to create a sequence of actions.

What is Data Transfer and how is it calculated?

This refers to the size of files processed in a Distro. This depends on the tool being used. However, we usually calculate this by adding the size of the inputs to the size of the outputs.

For example, say you have a step that watermarks a video. If the input video is 100MB and the watermarked output is 150MB, your total ‘cost’ for this step would be 250MB.

You can find out how a tool is billed by visiting its page.

What does the upload size limit refer to?

This refers to the size of the individual files uploaded in a Distro run–not the TOTAL upload limit. You can upload as many files as your plan allows as long as each file is within the upload limit.

For example, if your upload size limit is 300 MB per file and your plan allows you to upload up to five files per run, this means you can upload five 300MB files.

Can I switch/cancel plans?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at anytime. Your new plan will start the moment your card is charged.

You can also cancel at anytime. Your plan will remain active till the end of the billing period, after which, you will no longer charged and your subscription will become inactive.

What happens if I hit my data transfer limit?

Once you hit your data limit, your Distros will stop running.

You can either upgrade your plan or purchase reserved data (only available on paid plans). Reserved data allows you to keep your workflows running without having to upgrade to a new plan immediately.

Don’t worry if you don’t use up all of your reserved data before your subscription is renewed, any excess data purchased is stored indefinitely, so it can be used if you hit your limit again in the future.

The price of reserved data depends on your current plan.

Can I try Mad Distro before paying?

For sure! Every new account receives testing credit to try things out and see whether the platform is right for them. All outputs will be watermarked while testing.

What happens to my files?

When a file is uploaded (whether by you or as a result of a Distro process), it is deleted after 24 hours. This should provide you with enough time to download the files once they are available. This also means that we do not keep your files on our servers longer than we need to.

To avoid the hassle of having to download the results each time. We encourage you to use an export step (such as storing the files in Dropbox) to automate this process. We are always looking to add new export options, so let us know if you have any preferences.